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The San Pasquale Zucchini is grown in the provinces of Naples and Salerno. It has oblong cylindrical fruits, green in color with the presence of evident streaks of light green color. Its size, when it is collected, varies between 20 and 30 cm.

It belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family, Cucurbita genus. it is an annual herb plant with an upright and mono-caule stem and with the presence of separate male and female flowers. San Pasquale Zucchini is appreciated for its organoleptic properties as well as for its consistency. It can be used in various culinary preparations including pasta and zucchini alla Nerano, even the yellow-orange flowers ("sciurilli") are used for various gastronomic delicacies including the "frittelle di sciurilli".

The cultivation period goes from May until the end of October. In this period it is possible to carry out more cultivation and the harvest is carried out strictly by hand.

It seems that the name San Pasquale is linked to the period of traditional transplantation that took place in mid-May, in particular on May 17th, the day in which San Pasquale Baylon is celebrated, (Spanish religious of the '500) who is also considered the protector of cooks and pastry chefs.