From the land of the volcano...
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Neapolitan aubergine is harvested from late September and November and is an excellent aubergine for preservation, thanks to its few seeds, the pulp consistency and a lack of discoloration of the product stored.
It is a typical vegetable deeply rooted in the peasant traditions and had a prominent place in the pantry of the Neapolitan families. Traditionally most of the berries were peeled, sliced​​, passed in brine, boiled in water and white wine vinegar, squeezed and preserved in oil (with garlic, oregano and chili pepper) for the full year. Currently, Neapolitan aubergines continue to be used in the preparation of pickles in oil or pickles in vinegar, maybe they are enjoyed along with sharp provolone, roasted pork in or in a "merenda del cafone, snack of the peasant" (clash of bread with aubergines in olive oil).