From the land of the volcano...
exquisite delights to enjoy.



They are cultivated on the slopes of Vesuvius, it is a mineral-rich volcanic soil situated on a hill near the sea where the breeze blows. These geographical features have favored the quality of the beans grown here, making them particularly appreciated for their remarkable tenderness and flavor.
They can reach 30-40 cm and contain up to 10-12 pods.

This cultivation is very popular and appreciated because it is a fine example of biodiversity, as the bean is among the legumes that naturally releases nitrogen into the soil, making it more fertile and for this reason the Vesuvian farmers cultivate it in the vineyards, but especially in the gardens before the cultivation of Vesuvian Tomato Piennolo PDO and other summer vegetables.
In fact, the broad beans are a very distinctive food in the whole Neapolitan area; eaten fresh they  are among the rituals of Lent.