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First distributed only in the Vesuvian and the Phlegraean areas, "Percoche", the Neapolitan variety of peach with yellow flesh, crisp and not freestone, were later also introduced in Caserta.
The "percoca" from the Neapolitan Percuoco, owes his success to the well known eating habits of Neapolitans, who chose it, since 700, as queen of the summer table. Who does not remember the "percoca poached in red wine", a traditional rite of the Neapolitans, that was apparently introduced by the Spanish rulers, already masters of "sangria".

The name Neapolitan Percoca includes at least two different varieties, certainly originated in the Phlegraean-Vesuvian the "Puteolana" and "Terzarole" (with lace, gold, yellow). The common characteristics of these varieties are represented by medium-large size, the yellow color of the flesh and part of the skin, very intense aroma and scent, sweet flavor and velvety texture and excellent enough to be used as raw material of delicious percoca in syrup.